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Joseph Jones
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Name: Joseph Jones

Designations: Series 7, Series 66, Series 24

Company: AXA Advisors

Years in the Industry: 5

Hobbies: Camping, fishing, hiking, going to the beach, and Florida Gator Athletics

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

PROFESSIONALLY: I love being in a career where I can help people out, and passionately strive to achieve that every day. By simply showing up in your marketplace on a daily basis, you can impact a local family, business, or organization to achieve their financial objectives.

PERSONALLY: I grew up a military brat, so anything having to do with the military is a huge passion of mine. I’m lucky enough to work with an organization that backs those ideals through helping hundreds of local military families on a yearly basis, as well as through our veteran employment imitative. Our DC Metro Branch of AXA is proudly a V3 Certified company, as well as highly active in the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
I’m proud of attaining the role of Regional Vice President with AXA, which became official this past August of 2017.

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?
I started my practice focused solely on Retirement Planning strategies. Since then my practice has evolved to Life Insurance and Disability solutions, as well as working with non-profits, small businesses, and larger corporations on the group side. Through our team approach, we operate as a comprehensive planning shop where someone can come for basic education all the way to top tier financial planning services.

What weakness do your friends and family know you for?
I tend to be a stickler for details, especially in a professional capacity, so I’m positive I come off as stubborn and strong-minded to my friends and family.

What are you complimented on most in your work?
My attention to detail and overall organization.

Why are you a NAIFA member?
I’m a NAIFA member because of an MDRT roundtable event I went to in 2015. I walked in not expecting much, and left with 3 full pages of notes. I’ve been hooked ever since, and was even convinced to join the NAIFA Jacksonville Board of Directors ~1.5 years ago.

How has NAIFA made a difference in your practice/life?
NAIFA has impacted my practice, and in turn my life, in a number of positive ways. The educational and professional development components are always amazing, and the best practices you learn through the relationships you build are irreplaceable.